Buying Time


The power of words. A word or two can change our very mindset when we hear them but it is the power behind those words that give them the medicine in which they are delivered. Sincerity in its most simplest form can move mountains and change attitudes but a perfectly timed sentence, delivered by a kind heart at the right moment can point someone into the right direction. We have those days when we need to hear what is usually left unspoken. To actually say what we automatically assume is a form of confession that only reinforces the bond that brings us together. We don’t say it enough – to describe how we feel to those who mean the most to us and without that it’s left to interpretation.

We get so caught up in how we feel that we lose our sensitivity to how those around us are feeling. But it is the individual who can say what needs to be said to someone who is struggling, “I understand” or “chin up” awakening the positive attitude within them and allowing their eyes to open up to see the light at the end of the tunnel – no matter how far the tunnel goes. It’s the heartfelt way in which it’s said that has the most impact when someone needs lifting up.

 Focus is a good thing unless you are focusing too much on the wrong thing.

We’ve heard the words and felt the wave of change as the weight of the worry falls away. To say the problems have disappeared entirely would be unjust, but the idea of knowing we’re not alone in those dark moments says so much. I find solace in the hum of my motorcycle and a lot gets figured out when the wheels are in motion, but knowing there is someone who is willing to acknowledge they understand can put the mind at ease and change the thought process. Focus is a good thing unless you are focusing too much on the wrong thing.

My motorcycle can only do so much. It can push me down the highway buying me time to figure things out, it can drown out the noise that distracts and move me towards the end of the tunnel and into the light. Friends are the same. they can push you to understand, give you a voice of reason that will rise over the noise and lead you out of the darkness.


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