The Closer We Get


The older I get the more I find myself looking back. Memories, experiences and lessons learned are usually following me wherever I go and to recall them all I have to do is look back and there they are. But no matter how distant the memory, they truly are closer than we think. Although my childhood seems like an eternity ago, the memories of growing up are fairly clear. Friends and family are a constant reminder of who I am, and I know by the familiarity of the small town I live and grew up in, those memories are real.

But no matter how distant the memory, they truly are closer than we think.

Life’s experiences are an ongoing thing for all of us, but the lessons learned over the years are always reminding us of what or what not to do. Some of us learn a little harder than others, but we eventually learn nonetheless. Looking backwards isn’t necessary in this case as we carry these teachings with us like gold stars on the chalkboard of life. Looking back at all of my life’s experience would indicate I’m smarter now than I have ever been, but my palm slapping my forehead a dozen times a day would argue otherwise.

I also find the older I get the closer I get to the realization that you can’t live forever. I’m kind of caught in the middle of my life at my current age, and with each passing year you can’t help but think about it. I don’t feel that old, but my dad staring back at me in the mirror indicates I’m in denial. You’re only as old as you feel, right? Yeah, me too.


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