A Great Ride

What is “Fun”?

Is it possible to not have fun riding a motorcycle? Of course it is. Riding in the rain a long way from home can be one of the best rides you ever had. Or not. If you are prepared mentally and physically it can be a memorable ride. On the other hand if you aren’t prepared it can become a REAL memorable ride. Maybe the time spent under a gas station awning talking with another rider waiting out a storm is the memory.

But let’s face it, riding is fun. A short ride down a back road with the sights, sounds and smells is plenty to get you reset. Or the long day-ride to get some unfamiliar road under you to get you thinking. A friend of mine told me the other day that a 30 day round trip to Alaska was an epic adventure, but now 45 miles almost seems not worth it. Are you kidding me? Any time I can get on the bike and ride is great. I can use that time to reflect on those epic trips or think of the next one.

Never let yourself think that this ride is anything less than the last one. They are all different but good in the same way. Getting caught in the rain may seem miserable at the time, but the first chance you get, stop and find the fun in it. It’s there somewhere. Probably under an awning!


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