Mental Ditch


It’s easy to get pulled into the ditch. I can remember in my early teens, driving my ’72 Dodge Charger around town in the winter snow, looking for snow drifts to plow through. This was a great car but it didn’t do well in the snow. Those after-dark Friday nights driving around White City in the snow would often find you getting the front-end pulled into the ditch, often due to a heavy right foot and an out-of-control back-end. Right up there on the center console, next to where your cell phone would have been had we had one, was your gloves. Someone was getting out to push.

So what does this have to do with a mental ditch? I thought you would never ask. It’s easy to get pulled into the ditch of negativity. Sometimes it happens faster than we can react and we find ourselves sliding into a bad attitude or mood. Despite how we felt before it happened, it can suck you in requiring someone else to push you out. We need friends riding shotgun with us to make us understand that we are responsible for our own attitude and that we aren’t responsible for the attitudes of others. And besides, they are willing to get out and give us a push in the right direction – just like we would do for them. Literally and figuratively speaking.

But there are times when even my motorcycle can’t get me out of this mental ditch I find myself in. The best people in my life know when I need a push.

We are at this point in the year where I normally talk about riding my motorcycle and all those wonderful thoughts that roll around in this pretty little head of mine, and believe me those blogs are coming. But there are times when even my motorcycle can’t get me out of the mental ditch I find myself in. The best people in my life know when I need a push, and will gladly get out and give it all they have. After all, we have to be home by midnight.


10 Replies to “Mental Ditch”

  1. Dodge Charger!!! First car!! My word. If only I had EVER had the chance to get into any kind of ditch with one of those babies! I know it doesn’t offer much in the way of support for you but…… Dodge Charger!! 😉 be good my friend.

      1. First car? 66′ Lemans..lasted less than a year before my first BIG purchase..drum roll… $600 for a 66′ chevelle :). BTW: If you find yourself needing a push, give me call my friend!

  2. Nice car! Growing up I had a buddy who had a charger that would occasionally test it against my ’76 Gran Fury Police package. Now THAT helped get us both out of mental ditches. Great blog.

      1. I’ve turned into that “get off my lawn” old man when it comes to kids in little Japanese cars with stance and loud mufflers. I want to scream, “That’s not what a fast car sounds like!” I do miss that explosive growl of those huge V-8’s that would pass everything but a gas station.

  3. Jeff, it’s been weeks and weeks since I’ve been able to visit WP, and your blog. I’m hoping that you’ve been able to crawl out of that mental ditch, and that you are doing well.

      1. I’m so glad, Jeff. Good to hear. I was finally able to get some of my own therapy yesterday, in the form of wind 🙂

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