Smoke’em if You Got’em

Living in the great state of Kansas, we go through a period in the Spring when farmers and ranchers burn pastures because it’s been proven to release nutrients into the ground, which help revitalize the prairie. It’s also a great method of brush and weed control. I love watching the fires at dusk as they give off a glow, reflecting off the smoke as it rises above the pasture. Beautiful.

But it is a little different when you pass by while riding a motorcycle. By the time I get home, I feel as if I’ve smoked a pack of Camel cigarettes with no filter. In my mind, I’m the well-dressed guy in the smoking lounge wearing my leather Harley-Davidson jacket as my Biltwell Helmet traps the smoke against my face. No second-hand smoke here folks. First-hand and fresh.

2016-04-13 07.34.07

I’m always glad when I pull over and become a participant in this thing called life. It sure beats just being an observer.

I’m always talking about how riding puts us bikers smack dab in the middle of the elements. Rain, wind and temperature swings are the most common elements I deal with but wild animals, debris and of course smoke can make any ride more interesting. While we spend our rides hoping for a babbling brook or a scenic tree line to capture on our phone, we often stop to take a picture where man and Mother Nature meet.

Living in this fast-paced world we often forget to stop and smell the roses, or smoke in this case. I’m always glad when I pull over and become a participant in this thing called life. It sure beats just being an observer.


One Reply to “Smoke’em if You Got’em”

  1. Love the pictures, Jeff.
    You’ve brought up one of the things I love about riding … the smells. Not inside a car, windows up, a/c on. But out there smelling the freshly mowed grass, the storm coming, and yes, the smoke

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