The Hunchback of White City


The last week or so is a reminder to myself I’m really not as young as I think I am. I’ve had a nagging back problem for the last 25 years and every so often it tells me who is in charge. It’s very simple; a sneeze or cough, or maybe even just a slight twist and in a matter of hours I’m walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Within a few days it’s back to normal and I’m up in the tower ringing the bell like a boss.

This particular episode has me wondering if I’ll ever get back into the bell tower. It started out lasting a little longer than normal, so I went to the doctor. With a little more than two pills I was feeling better and walking around like it never happened. But once again, I’ve had that bit of a twinge indicating its return. It will be a long day. I’m not sure what I did, but it must have been enough. Of course, if I happen to see a $100 bill on the ground, I’m going for it. Even a $50. Probably a $20 too. A $5 bill? We’ll see how I feel.

Of course, if I happen to see a $100 bill on the ground, I’m going for it. Even a $50. Probably a $20 too. A $5 bill? We’ll see how I feel.

It will get better I know. With the weather warming up it has to. I have lots to do and a motorcycle that is begging to go for a ride, and who am I to argue? I always try to remember that there are plenty of people worse off than me and the fact that my socks won’t put themselves on is minor in comparison. And if I keep moving it should work itself out, right?

There are two sides to you’re only as old as you feel – mental and physical. When both are in harmony the possibilities are endless, when one is out of sync with the other the days can be endless. I rode my motorcycle to lunch today and I wasn’t sure I could get off the seat to walk inside. I’m sure that all those sitting in Subway having lunch were amused as I climbed off my bike but I found a little humor in it. Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself…


7 Replies to “The Hunchback of White City”

  1. So when my mother in law fractured a vertebra and had it fixed and then was prescribed physical therapy, I just kept telling her that she needed to find a way to keep going to therapy! It got better and she is stronger. She wanted to quit when the prescription ran out, but we convinced her she could never quit. She has done a great job!

    Then I had a pinched sciatic nerve in my lower back. I was given PT. I did it well and my back got better. So I quit PT. Do you see where this story is going? My mother in law got to say “I told you so!” And now I do my exercises every day! So far, so good. No more pain meds. And no pain. But lots of exercise.

    Sucks to get old. 😕

  2. So … physical therapy, with one who really knows their stuff, will make a world of difference. Once you learn the right exercises, you can do them at home.
    Yes, PT is no fun BUT it’ll help you get closer to being pain free AND ride in comfort!

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