VikingCycle Warrior Jacket


Certain times of year require certain kinds of gear for those of us who ride motorcycles. As seasons change, we need to be ready for what comes our way. With a wide range of jackets available on the market today – both textile and leather, it’s not difficult to fill your closet up with a wardrobe of riding apparel. If you are like me, you want to get the most for your money and motorcycle gear can be quite the investment. It’s all about the bang for your buck.

Testing the VikingCycle Warrior Jacket was a pleasant surprise. When I first put it on, the weight and feel of the jacket seemed right. A quilted liner and a good fit overall told me the jacket would be great for its intended purpose; riding motorcycles! I must say based on the $79 price tag I wasn’t expecting what I got, but I think the VikingCycle Warrior Jacket could easily sell for twice the price. I’ve seen less quality in other jackets – even in the $150 range. The sleeves are the right length for my average 6′ height, the fit across the shoulders gave me plenty of room for a hoodie underneath and the zippers functioned well. All of this is important to me along with the overall feel of the leather. I like the feel of the leather and it’s a nice jacket for the price.


Another important feature is the tab collar and the zippered vents. The collar is important to me as some jackets can be a little tight around the neck when snapping it closed. This collar fit me when snapped. This I liked. Also, the vents in both the front and rear were large and easy to access. Large zipper pull tabs were easy to use even with a gloved hand. No complaints here. There is nothing worse than riding along and as the temperature warms up a little, needing to open a vent while wearing gloves. A plus in my book. Another feature the VikingCycle Warrior Jacket has that I have never used before is the laced sides for making the jacket fit around your waist. This provides a way of taking in any slack or letting the sides out for those who might need a little more room. I wasn’t sure what I would think about this feature but I liked it. When I put the VikingCycle Warrior Jacket on for the first time, I found it a little snug, but loosening the laces allowed for a better fit. It is recommended to order one size up as this is a fitted jacket.


Overall, this is a nice leather jacket for the price. Easily a bargain for someone looking for a leather jacket to add their wardrobe of ever-expanding motorcycle gear. And right now you can enjoy another 10% savings for the holidays by using the coupon code: XMASS14. I can see the VikingCycle Warrior Jacket providing years of service for any motorcycle enthusiast!



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