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If I can say one thing about riding motorcycles is that we are always looking for parts and accessories; not only for our bikes but for us as well. Between jackets and rain suits, helmets and gloves (for both winter and summer), we look for luggage, saddlebags, tires and all those things we need, want and can’t live without.

It really gives you the impression that our motorcycle is actually the least expensive piece to the puzzle and our bike is just the beginning to that long relationship with everything else that goes with it. Do we really want to add up all the money we’ve spent on gear and accessories? Not me.

Considering what we spend, all I know is if I can save a few bucks and still get the quality I expect and deserve, I’ll be happy. Riding bikes makes me happy. So does saving money.


I was contacted by Motorcycle House to do a few reviews on some products that we enthusiasts use every day. You know the kind; real world, from one biker to another, ride it like you own it kind of stuff. They also carry parts and accessories for UTV’s, ATV’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles – but it’s motorcycles for me. For those of you who follow my blog, you know I ride year-round out here in the Midwest, and I put a lot of miles on my motorcycle. I also expect a lot from the gear I use and I want to make sure my money goes a long way. I’m looking forward to trying out items that we are all interested in, and Motorcycle House is willing to provide some of them for me. So stay tuned, and in the mean time check them out on social media and give them a follow!

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