Postcards from Kangolia

As I rode to work in this month of December, the temperature hovered in the mid-thirties. A full moon ahead of me, the sun rising over my shoulder, I can see the winter colors telling me we’re a few months away from the smell of Spring. Wait, do colors have a smell?

While the miles tick by on my commute, my mind wondered to spending longer days in the saddle and more consistent temperatures to ride every day. I’ve ridden many winters on my Harley’s but this winter I’m on my BMW GS. The view is different as the seat is higher, but my wishes of warmer weather will always be the same. I wonder what trips are in store for me in 2020?

I also just finished reading Ted Simon’s book Jupiter’s Travels for the third time, and as always, it makes me realize there is so much more world out there and at the same time, the world is such a small place. Heck, there are a few places and roads in Kansas that I have yet to see, so I’m not real sure a trip through Mongolia is on my schedule for 2020. As I ride across the prairies of my home state, maybe I’ll just pretend I’m there. Kansas/Mongolia. Kangolia.

I’m not real sure a trip through Mongolia is on my schedule for 2020. As I ride across the prairies of my home state, maybe I’ll just pretend I’m there. Kangolia.

I know, the modern day convenience of gas stations, fast-food restaurants and manicured roads can leave a lot to the imagination, but you know what? It’s the people. The people you meet and engage with are the true sights and sounds of an epic ride. Even with that dramatic scenery we all crave, and those lonely miles in the saddle where I find I do my best thinking, it’s those faces and the conversations I remember. The handshake or wave, sharing a connection with locals that always ends with a smile. That’s what Ted Simon speaks of and it’s so true. Even in my home country or my home state of Kansas. The motorcycle I’m on is a way of introducing me to perfect strangers.

While my dreams of riding around the world may never happen, it’s just nice knowing those that share the same feelings of adventure with me. Whether through print or video, or even in person, I know the experience is real, the people are real and the landscape is worth the ride.

While the riding this time of year leaves me longing for a big ride through vast territory, I’ll settle for whatever the weather will allow. Short days and shorter trips are enough for now.


The Things Postcards and Calendars are Made Of

2013-07-23 07.17.00

“From the seat of my motorcycle…”

No matter your mode of transportation, you must admit this world is a beautiful place. And if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you will be gifted with something way bigger than we are. The power of the weather makes things seem small in comparison, and if we’re lucky, we can appreciate it without all the fuss. Even a bright sunny day with little or no wind (insert your favorite type of clouds here) can put a smile on your face. We motorcyclists know that if we ride long enough we will get to see some pretty cool things. Oh, and you folks that drive will see them too.

Often in my travels it seems my path and these brief seconds of beauty collide. The world around me is a constant changing thing and the fact that a mere moment or two can be the difference of seeing something camera worthy, or a minor inconvenience. We know our days can be punctuated with these small wonders, but if you’re not looking for them, they will never be seen.


It isn’t always about sunrises or sunsets. There can be beauty in anything when you take the time to look. It’s all around us for crying out loud. Today with the frigid temps you wouldn’t expect to find anything that makes you smile, but with the clear blue sky and snow on the ground I find it to my liking. The crispness in the air is just right. Cold? Yes. Groovy? Of course..


No matter the season or your state of mind, we can look around us and appreciate what makes those postcards and calendars so cool. There is nothing like seeing it and feeling it in person and as bikers we take the good with the bad. In this case; the cold with the view. No, I didn’t ride today, but it’s not because I didn’t want to. But I can still take in the scenery from wherever I am and wish that I had ridden. It will warm up soon enough and when it does…it will be from the seat of my motorcycle.


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