As the weather finally allowed me to ride to work this morning, I had a few miles to think about years past when I would have been riding most every day instead of picking and choosing the days as I am now. It felt good to get the bike out and although a little chilly at 24 degrees, it was still a nice ride in. It was almost as if instead of watching for deer through the Skiddy basin, I was watching unicorns cross at the appropriate marked areas along the highway. Yes, it felt that good.

But it truly is more than that. I usually go on and on about riding and how I use this time to put my thoughts together, and even though this is true, this particular ride I was waiting for my head to clear and I think my expectations of one ride to be my fix-all. I believe now it might take more than a twenty minute ride to work to achieve this. Sure, I have my ride home and my frame of mind will be different allowing me to focus not on the fact it has been a little while since the last ride and focus on this ride.

. My bike allows my mind to be wherever I want to be at any given time and it also lets me dream and wish until I run out of gas. If that happens, I guess I could just jump on the back of one of these unicorns and continue on.

I sure do a lot of thinking, huh? Why analyze the ride when it’s easier to just go? Good question. We all have our reasons for riding motorcycles, and mine acts as a mirror to my past and where I might be headed in the future. It also gives me a place to see what could have been and what will be. Kind of like a time machine, only better. A time machine is designed to place you into a certain period of time whether it be the future of the past. My bike allows my mind to be wherever I want to be at any given time and it also lets me dream and wish until I run out of gas. If that happens, I guess I could just jump on the back of one of these unicorns and continue on. Note to self – get gas.

As warmer weather and longer days get closer, I know I’ll get into a groove again. There is a huge difference between a groove and a rut. Same principle but one is, how do I say it – groovier. Yeah, groovier. I know what you’re thinking; what kind of ride takes you through the Skiddy basin on a motorcycle, seeing unicorns and saying groovier? I’m not sure how to respond to that, but at least I’m getting out of a rut.

I can’t wait for trees with leaves and grass to line the roads I travel. A southern breeze with the sun hitting the back of my neck is a good feeling for anyone but especially a motorcyclist. Just a thought, do unicorns have a rut season?

The Things Postcards and Calendars are Made Of

2013-07-23 07.17.00

“From the seat of my motorcycle…”

No matter your mode of transportation, you must admit this world is a beautiful place. And if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you will be gifted with something way bigger than we are. The power of the weather makes things seem small in comparison, and if we’re lucky, we can appreciate it without all the fuss. Even a bright sunny day with little or no wind (insert your favorite type of clouds here) can put a smile on your face. We motorcyclists know that if we ride long enough we will get to see some pretty cool things. Oh, and you folks that drive will see them too.

Often in my travels it seems my path and these brief seconds of beauty collide. The world around me is a constant changing thing and the fact that a mere moment or two can be the difference of seeing something camera worthy, or a minor inconvenience. We know our days can be punctuated with these small wonders, but if you’re not looking for them, they will never be seen.


It isn’t always about sunrises or sunsets. There can be beauty in anything when you take the time to look. It’s all around us for crying out loud. Today with the frigid temps you wouldn’t expect to find anything that makes you smile, but with the clear blue sky and snow on the ground I find it to my liking. The crispness in the air is just right. Cold? Yes. Groovy? Of course..


No matter the season or your state of mind, we can look around us and appreciate what makes those postcards and calendars so cool. There is nothing like seeing it and feeling it in person and as bikers we take the good with the bad. In this case; the cold with the view. No, I didn’t ride today, but it’s not because I didn’t want to. But I can still take in the scenery from wherever I am and wish that I had ridden. It will warm up soon enough and when it does…it will be from the seat of my motorcycle.