Ride 50 at 50 Part 3: Roll with the Hills

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The Official Ride of the 3 Amigo’s “Ride 50 at 50” has started, the anticipation is over and the wheels of those Indian Motorcycles are turning westward. It will take a day or two to calm those nerves and to get those 50-year-old bodies acclimated to the time-change. Also, sometimes the weather has different plans when it comes to riding, but as these motorcycles move you in one direction, a higher power is moving the weather in another. Hey, nobody guaranteed blue skies and 0% chance of rain.

Roll with hills and seek the horizon, as this is the stuff you’ve dreamed of.

It’s still early in this journey so if there is any advice I would give, it is to slow down. We often get in a big toot to get the ride started that we forget as to why we are riding to begin with. Let the trip happen and unfold and don’t let the little moments go unnoticed. Stop and think about what a great opportunity this is and appreciate it for what it is. Not every day will be perfect, but every day will be awesome. Point and laugh a lot while you’re at it.

So to David, Adrian and Andrew; Roll with hills and seek the horizon, as this is the stuff you’ve dreamed of. At 50, you’re almost over the hill anyway.



7 Replies to “Ride 50 at 50 Part 3: Roll with the Hills”

      1. How could they not be, right? I’m quite envious and am living vicariously through them!

  1. Hi team Jeff. Thank you for your support. We are thinking of you when riding, drinking and flirting with all the girls. If only I knew then what I know now! Haha. We are absolutely having the time of our lives. Sometimes there is some tension but we are strong friends and the great times certainly outnumber the minor irritations of miles, bad drivers, sore knees, butts and.. Well, three old geezers. Jeff, get your party shoes on we are gonna be at your backyard really soon. 🙂

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