Shallow Thinking

I often write about my reflections and deep thoughts from the seat of my motorcycle and just to be clear, not all of my thoughts are always that deep. Sometimes I need to rely on just my good looks to get through the day. On my 54-mile-one-way October commute this morning I decided to take notes on exactly what goes through my mind on a normal ride. Some may not make sense to you and quite frankly I’m just as confused. Random and weird? Of course they are. These are basically in order from when I left the house to arriving at work, so here we go;

  • Wow, the weatherman said windy today and it is. Is this a stiff wind? Who originally called it stiff? It definitely isn’t gusty.
  • All I can taste is my toothpaste and Frosted Flakes this morning.
  • For once, I’m wearing the right gear for the ride. I sure got it right this time.
  • That is a new Stop sign post. I wonder what was wrong with the old one?
  • I wonder what that red tail hawk sitting on that fence is thinking about?
  • Why don’t they call it Festober?
  • That skunk smells like a banana, in a weird way.
  • I love the smell of chimney smoke.
  • I came home this way last night about 8:30 pm and that t-shirt wasn’t laying in the road then, and what it’s doing out here in the middle of nowhere. I’m curious as the size…
  • Another red tail hawk sitting on a fence post – that’s two.
  • Why haven’t we added any more letters to the alphabet? Is 26 all we got?
  • Deer Rd. Why isn’t there a Red Tail Hawk Rd.?
  • This wind hasn’t let up yet. Still no gusts but would I call it stiff? Perhaps.
  • Three white vehicles in a row.
  • What ever made me think as a kid, my thumbs were double-jointed?
  • What is Doug Heffernan’s father-in-law’s name on the show King of Queens? I should know this.
  • I’m going to need gas today.
  • I need to walk more. If I ran out of gas, I could do that. (laughing inside my helmet)
  • Arthur Spooner. I knew I’d get it.
  • It’s going to get hot today for October.

Yes, these are actual ponderings this morning, and the ride was over before I knew it. And it’s crazy how an hour commute can cause the mind to think of so many insignificant things to pass the time. But if all else fails, I have my good looks!

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